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- Tokyo International Hotel is 2 minutes walk from bus stops:
on Linsen N. Rd.: 208、211、246
on Nanjin E. Rd.: 292、306、5、12、26、52、46、622、652、282、266、288、 306、604、605、622、307 
- Tokyo International Hotel is 5 minutes drive from Taipei Train Station and 5 minutes walk from MRT Stations of Zhongshan MRT Station(Green Line) and Shuanglien MRT Station(Green Line) on Tamsui Line
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Tokyo International Hotel is within 12 minutes drive to Songshan Airport and 40 minutes drive to Taoyuan International Airport.
We are just 10 minutes walk distance away from famed shopping area s of ShinShin Department Store and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. Da-an Park is also 10 minutes walk away.

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